Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to Bypass Bell's DPI of P2P traffic.

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I was wondering why I could not download faster than 50KB/sec, sometimes 30KB/sec with my Utorrent client. I had heard of rumors of certain ISP's who started using traffic shaper tools based on DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to throttle P2P traffic. Since I work in IT security, I knew that you could not perform DPI on encrypted traffic. The only other way of doing it would be with behavior analysis which would be complex and risky to deploy and could affect other protocols.

So here is what I did to circumvent this "problem"

I use Utorrent, but this applies to other torrent if they support the feature. You can circumvent any traffic shaper by using encryptions. Guess what, most major torrent client supports encryption.

Utorrent encryption how-to:

1- Open Utorrent
2- Click on Options on the menu bar
3- Click on Preferences
4- Under Protocol Encryption choose "Forced"
5- Uncheck "Allow incoming legacy connections"
6- Click OK

I use Bell and once I enabled the settings above I saw my download jump from 50KB/sec to 300KB/sec+

If it still doesn't work, configure a Port of 443 under Connection (Under Preferences window) The logic here is I doubt ISP will attempt any traffic shaping on port 443 which is used for SSL, in other words Secure banking or transactional web sites.

I have heard rumors that ISP use a product called Sandvine to perform traffic shapping.

Philippe Dumont

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